by Kate Hofman

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Her Dark Angel

She was gone from him forever. While on a trip to Hawaii two years ago, she married a rich old man and had a child. Now that she's a widow, fate and her determination has brought her back into his life. Why would fate be so cruel?

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Her Dream Lover

Angela's ex-husband has "seen the errors of his ways" and wants her back. She wants nothing to do with the philandering, verbally abusive man. While her sister and brother-in-law are visiting, he tries to ramp up his pursuit of her but is thwarted by the "male" answering her phone. Seeking a way to protect her when they leave, her brother-in-law suggests that his best friend Luke temporarily move into her guest-room.

Will having a man around at all hours help discourage the persistent ex? Will Luke be able to convince Angela that age is just a number?

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by Kate Hofman
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by Kate Hofman
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Bedded by Her Greek Lover

She wasn't looking for a new lover...

After the death of her abusive husband, author Nissa MacLean wanted nothing more than to enjoy the safety and solitude of her beach cottage and write. The only men who crossed her mind were those in her books. That is until her neighbor, Louise, invites Nissa to meet her brother, Alexander, who has come for a visit. Alexander is the kind of man a woman dreams of late at night, the kind of love 'em and leave 'em man Nissa shouldn't get involved with... rich, gorgeous, and only visiting.

He wanted more than money could buy...

Money couldn't buy happiness, Alexander Karagiannis was living proof of that. Despite all his wealth, he couldn't find the one thing he craved: Love. After years of living the rich, playboy life, he just wanted to settle down with someone who could love him for more than his bank account. When he meets Nissa, he's shocked at the swiftness of his feelings and the intensity of his desire for her. More so when he finds himself proposing marriage soon after their first date. But Nissa's past won't allow her to trust easily, and hurtful secrets have a way of ruining new relationships...

Can Nissa and Alexander find a way to forgive and forget, or will their love flash and burn out before the summer is over?


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