by Kate Hofman

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Bartered Bride

When Diana's father is threatened by a Mafioso from whom he borrowed money, she calls at the Manhattan offices of Luca, an influential Italian tycoon.

He promises to keep her father -- and herself -- safe from the Mafioso's enforcer, if she will agree to an unusual way of paying him back. Luca wants a son or daughter of his blood to inherit his huge holdings in America and Italy. Diana agrees.

Luca is surprised to find himself liking Diana more than he expected. As for Diana, once Luca made love to her, she found it difficult to remain aloof, as she intended. Slowly she begins to realize that she's fallen in love with him.

When they travel to Florence, Italy, where Luca will have their marriage blessed in the presence of his many relatives, Diana is dismayed to find Luca's mother determined to break up their marriage. The woman even pays a dissolute nephew of hers to rape Diana, sure that Luca won't want anything to do with her after that.

Diana tells Luca that she is pregnant, and he is delighted.

She wonders whether they can put the contract aside and enter into a true marriage?

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Betrayed in Boca Raton

Danielle and Miguel begin a love affair. Danielle is deeply in love with him, and she realizes that Miguel's affairs are always brief. She would dearly love to have his child, and says she is protected against pregnancy, although she is not. She hopes in this way to end up pregnant when the affair ends.

To her great surprise, Miguel proposes marriage when he discovers she is pregnant, and she accepts happily. When she confesses that she got pregnant on purpose, Miguel is incensed, and although they are now married, their alienation is deep.

How can Danielle convince Miguel it was her love for him that made her pretend she was protected against pregnancy?

by Kate Hofman

by Kate Hofman
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Passion in Pamplona

Free at last...
When financial wizard, Alex de Montoro, hears that his divorce is final, he wants nothing more than to enjoy his freedom. He's had more than his quota of faithless women and so-called love. Moving to Florida sounds like the perfect way to start a new life.

Captured by love...
Olivia Harris may be a longtime friend of Alex's family, but she wants much, much more. Over the years her love for Alex has grown, but after his horrible marriage, he doesn't believe in love anymore. His offer: Friends with benefits.

Determined to show Alex that friends can fall in love, she takes him to his native Spain for his birthday, for the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona and an exotic vacation. But as their passion grows to unimaginable heights, what will Olivia do when Alex refuses to fall in love?


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