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Prince Lysandros of Pátrai, Greece, is in exile in France. The year is 1949. During the Greek civil war, an extremist element pronounced a death sentence on the Prince, and although there is now peace, the death threat has not been lifted.

Homesick, Lee attends a lecture about recent excavations in Greece. To his surprise, Geneviève, the archaeologist, is young and beautiful. When he finds she is fluent in Greek, he is delighted.

They meet again in Paris and when, one evening, he sees her home, passion flares between them.

When the death threat is lifted, Lee is free to return to Greece, and Geneviève is heartbroken at the thought of losing her lover.

A voluptuous blonde shows an avid interest in Lee. Geneviève fears that Lee will succumb to the blonde's wiles. Then, again, maybe not.

An attempt at assassinating Lee is foiled by Geneviève.

They travel back to the Riviera, and a train derailment further complicates the lovers' lives.

Will Lee realize that what there is between him and Geneviève is true love, and take her with him to Greece, or will the blonde's charms succeed in distracting him?

A big thank-you to Bill Freda, who depicted my Greek Prince on the cover, He brought Prince Lee to life exactly as I imagined him.


"My Love, Forever is a fantastic story full of deep emotions. Lee’s pain at being exiled to France was so real, I could feel his sadness. Their love for each other was so pure and fresh it was like magic. I got all teary eyed at Genevieve’s anguish on the train. Kate Hofman brilliantly brings these two together, and her character development is excellent. You don’t want to miss My Love, Forever." - 4.5 kisses, Julianne, Two Lips Reviews

"Set in 1949, MY LOVE, FOREVER delivers a story of two people separated by their circumstances but connected in their hearts. The writing in this book is almost whimsical in it’s design. The desire and emotion between the characters is authentic and at times euphoric leaving the audience feeling as if they are a part of the story. Genevieve and Lysandros’s trials in their relationship speak to the heart of readers. The villains were expertly written and echo real life. While repetitious at times, passionate scenes and heartfelt dialogue create a sincere, fairy-tale story that is sure to grab your attention and keep you thinking about the characters long after you have gone." - 4 Pixies, Twila King, Dark Angel Reviews

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